The Guildford-Woking Complementary Health (GWCH) Network was formed in 2007 for a number of important reasons:

  • baby feet
  • massage
  • Wellness
  • Flower and pills
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  • Water splashing on wood 1000px wide
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  • yoga
  • To make it easy for you, the client, to get the help you need fast and locally
  • To create a community of therapists who know each other and each other’s therapies very well so as to be able to point you to the therapist most able to help with your health problem.
  • To make Complementary Therapies’ benefits better understood by local people.
  • To promote complementary healthcare through talks, demonstrations, leaflets, PR and other means.

For more information on particular therapies and to discuss your needs directly, please click on the links below or on one of the menus on the left.

Our Therapies

AcupunctureAngel Tarot Card ReadingsAromatherapyAyurvedaBowen TechniqueBreathworkChakradanceEFTEgyptian Alchemy HealingEquine Assisted TherapyFlower EssencesFood Sensitivity TestingHolistic MassageHomeopathyHypnotherapyIndian Head MassageKinesiologyLaughter YogaLife CoachingLight LanguageMace Energy Method CounsellingManual Lymph Drainage (MLD)MeditationMindfulnessNeuro Linguistic ProgrammingPolarity TherapyReflexologyReikiSelf-Love CoachingShamanismTarot ReadingsTheta HealingTibetan Acu-Sound Therapy ™Tsuboki Face MassageYoga