Access Bars

In Access Bars sessions there are 32 touch points on the head which represent 32 areas of your life. It is where habitual behaviours, old experiences, fears, points of view, reactions, imposed attitudes and limiting beliefs are saved. It’s like deleting junk files and creating new space. After a session the minimum result is a rested body and an “unloaded brain” like after a week’s vacation! Are you ready to choose change?!

You can choose 1 session or a series of sessions where Access Bars:

• gives a deep relaxing effect, relieves fatigue and accumulated tension
• helps normalise sleeping patterns,
• removes anxiety and phobias
• gives lightness in the body and significant improvement in well-being
• opens space for new ideas
• relationships with loved ones rise to a new level

Benefits of Access Bar with Children:

• Interest and enthusiasm for new knowledge will grow within your child
• A positive effect in hyperactive children and adolescents.

Do look up to know more.

To erase the cellular memory of a trauma, or to unlock Biomimetic and Biomimetric Mimicry (which is how you try to locate yourself to fit with others and which can adversely affect your health) Access Hands-on Body Processes can also be used. Using MTVSS (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing Systems) on the Immune System can have an incredibly dynamic effect: cancer and other potentially fatal diseases have been changed with regular use of it.


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