Monthly Meetings

  • Thursday 11th July – Tai Chi and Qi Gong by Darren Plumb in Godalming
  • Monday 16th September – in West Clandon
  • Thursday 10th October – in Godalming

Do email [email protected] if you want to join us or present at any of these events. They are taking place in Godalming or in West Clandon. All meetings start at 11:30am and end at 1:20pm with a light lunch till 2pm. All are welcome whether they are a therapist or not. Members do attend for free, guests pay £10.

Our past meetings were:

Monday 10th June – Secrets to standing in your authentic power by Wendy Price Thursday 16th May – biodynamic psychotherapy by Nicola Jephson Coates
Monday 22nd April – Light Language and Channelling with Paula and Nadege
Thursday 21st March – Sound Healing with Heron Moon
Monday 26th February – Reiki Drumming Technique with Rhona Ness
Thursday 18th January 2024 – Food Craving by Vessie Nay

Thursday 16th November 2023 – Communicating with Animals by Vanessa Mustchin
Friday 13th October — The Havening Techniques® by Gudrun Wiedemann
Monday 18th September – Flower essences as nature intended by Amy Murphy-Watts Thursday 13th July – Access Bars by Oksana Masiutkina
Monday 12th June – Sobriety Coaching by Rosalind Dodd
Friday 19th May – Family & Nature Constellations for All by Harriet Goudard
Thursday 20th April – Positive Health by Dr Anthony Deavin
Thursday 16th March – Ayurveda by Claire Sparks
Monday 13th February – Make your own vibrational remedies with Nadege Lovett
Thursday 19th January 2023 – Australian Bush flower remedies by Liz Bevan-Jones

Tuesday 13th December 2022 – GWCH members’ lunch
Thursday 17th November – Quantum Healing by Meike Lawrence
Friday 14th October – How I practice Naturopathy by Elaine Davis
Monday 12th September – Light Language by Paula Walsh
Thursday 21st July – Angel Therapy by Carol Coggan
Monday 13th June – Skulls and Ley Lines by Gillie Scarrot-Jones
Friday 13th May – Reiki share
Thursday 24th March – Aura Photography by Helen Jones
Friday 11th February – Relaxation session with Jane Spencer
Thursday 20th January 2022 – The Natural Pharmacy by Kevin Leivers

Monday 13th December 2021 – GWCH lunch
Monday 15th November – Forest Bathing by Jo Watkins
Friday 29th October – New health solutions from Surrey Holistic by Lowell Riezouw
Thursday 30th September – Polarity therapy with jo Scrimshaw
Monday 12th July – Nutrition and Mental Health by Mémé Watanabe
Thursday 10th June 2021 – One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis by Frances Ive

Friday 28th February 2020 – Amnanda to release Stress & Trauma by Gudrun Wiedemann
Wednesday 15th January 2020 – Peaceful Communications by Vali Drummond

Tuesday 10th December 2019 – GWCH members lunch in East Horsley
Monday 11th November – Rhythmic Movement Therapy by Gaynor Ralls
Friday 18th October – the 5 skills of emotional accountability by Fiona Stephenson
Thursday 19th September – The Integrity of Love by Carmen O’Connor
Tuesday 9th July – Myofascial Release by Helen Holt
Wednesday 12th June – Traditional Chinese Medicine by Jamie Hamilton
Monday 13th May – Introduction to Muscle Testing by Nadege Lovett
Friday 5th April – Light and Field Therapy by Denise Hadden
Wednesday 6th March – Dance Movement Psychotherapy by Sophie Barthel
Tuesday 12th February – Solution Focused Hypnotherapy by Caroline Evans
Thursday 10th January 2019 – Alchemy, Transformation and the Tarot by Deborah Bacci

Wednesday 12th December 2018 – GWCH members lunch
Monday 12th November – Access Energetic Facelift by Anita Wisdom
Friday 12th Oct – Freeing the spirit with quantum healing by Meike Lawrence
Tuesday 18th Sept – My Story of Healing Cancer Without Drugs by Rhona Byrne
Wednesday 11th Jul – The wonders of CBD oil by Rosie Gardner
Monday 11th Jun – Self Prescribing Homeopathy by Vinciane Ollington
Thursday 17th May – Egyptian Alchemy Healing by Joanna Bristow-Watkins
Friday 20th Apr – Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls by Karen Telfer
Tuesday 20th Mar – EFT for Everyone with Gill Crane
Wednesday 21st Feb- Reflexology Lymph Drainage by Claire Tellegen
Thursday 18th Jan 2018 – Raw Chocolate with Vali Drummond

Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 – GWCH members lunch
Monday 13th Nov – Holistic health and sexuality by Becky Price
Friday 13th Oct – Stress management for practitioners by Andy Spencer
Wednesday 20th Sept – Relationship attachment injury by Catherine Young
Monday 10th Jul – Meet the Horses at the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre
Saturday 17th Jun – Wellness Day, GLive, Guildford
Friday 12th May – Hypnosis: using the power of your unconscious by Tricia Woolfrey
Friday 28th Apr – pre- and perinatal therapy by David Haas
Monday 27th Mar – Reduce Chemical products in your home by Leslie Quinton
Thursday 23rd Feb – Essential Oils For Natural Healthcare by Kim Hale
Friday 13th Jan 2017 – Growing up and Waking Up by Gayle Joubert

Tuesday 13th December 2016 – GWCH members lunch
Thursday 10th November – Growing your Holistic Practice by Stacey McIntyre
Saturday 22nd October – Wellness Day at G Live
Wednesday 21st September – The Healthy Womb by Rachel Eyre
Wednesday 13th July – Functional Reflex Therapy by Claire Tellegen
Monday 20th June – Osteopathy: merging the old and the new by Sally Wade
Friday 20th May – Making your home a healthy place by Beverley Wood
Wednesday 20th April – Smovey Vibrations by Gudrun Wiedeman
Tuesday 22nd March – How I recovered from a stroke by Pennie Pearce
Thursday 25th February – CranioSacral Therapy by Trish Spence
Wednesday 13th January 2016 – Healing power of Horses by Wendy Price

Wednesday 9th December 2015 – GWCH members lunch
Monday 2nd November – Thrive this winter by Liz Goddard
Thursday 8th October – Gene Based Personal Nutrition by Janet Ledsham
Friday 11th September – BodyTalk by Amanda Weller
Monday 13th July – Acupuncture for Therapists by Claire Arthur
Tuesday 16th June – The Magic of Angel Cards by Rhona Byrne
Wednesday 20th May – Yoga and Yoga retreats by Michelle Morrow
Monday 20th April – Soul Verse by Sue Warwick
Tuesday 10th March – The biochemistry of business by Paul Flint
Friday 6th February – TheTruthAboutCancer series, screening of the last episode
Thursday 15th January 2015 – Healthy cooking with Thermomix by Janet Ledsham

Monday 8th December 2014 – GWCH members’ lunch
Friday 14 November – Wellbeing Coaching for Therapists by Elaine Wilkins
Tuesday 14th October – Innate health by Paul Lock
Wednesday 17th September – Tapping by Nadege Lovett
Thursday 10th July – Power of Water by Louise Coe
Monday 16th June – Success with M.E and Fibromyalgia Clients by Elaine Wilkins
Friday 16th May – Guided Meditation and Angels by Jarek Dzwigol (Okidesoul)
Tuesday 29th April – Chakras Association by Lisa Mathis
Monday 17th March – Discover the power of NLP by Alma Griffith
Tuesday 11th February – The healing power of your own voice by Val Drummond
Monday 13th January 2014 – Meditation by Jane and Andy Spencer

Wednesday 11th December 2013 – GWCH members’ lunch
Thursday 14th November – Laughing Yoga by Nadege Lovett
Friday 18th October – “The Healing Power of the Ocean in YOUR hands” – Aromair
Tuesday 17th September – Chinese Facial diagnosis by Elrina Van Zyl
Monday 22nd July – Emotional Freedom Technique by Christy Roxburgh
Tuesday 11th June – Health Assessment System from NES by Paula Ruane
Friday 17th May – Isotonix Supplements by Marilyn Nelson
Monday 22nd April – Astrology and Health by Christine Chalklin
Thursday 21st March – Just Skin Deep by Lucy Beckford
Tuesday 12th February – Mindfulness by Julie Kingston Dalford
Friday 11th January 2013 – The Power of Belief by Gayle Joubert

Thursday 13th December 2012 – GWCH members’ lunch
Monday 12th November – Mixer approach to Chiropractic by Mark Walles
Tuesday 16th October – It’s Love that makes the Difference by Nigel Cutts
Thursday 20th September – Soul Plan Reading by Liz Mills-Boosey
Tuesday 10th July – Wellness Day debriefing
Wednesday 23rd May – Health from a chiropractor’s point of view by Mark Walles
Friday 27th April – Healthy finance records with Reiki by Sue Warwick
Thursday 22nd March – Reiki & Coaching: The Perfect Combination by Rhona Byrne
Tuesday 21st February – Time Line Therapy® by Nigel Horwood
Monday 16th January 2012 – Be Happy and Healthy by Gudrun Wiedemann

Thursday 8th December 2011 – GWCH members’ lunch
Wednesday 16th November – The Scio machine by Susan Brookes
Tuesday 11th October – Numerology by Sonia Shiner
Tuesday 20th September – Manual Lymphatic Drainage by Astrid Lowe
Wednesday 6th July – The Bates Method of Vision by Vinciane Ollington
Friday 10th June – The Alexandre Technique by Gemma Taylor
Thursday 5th May – Holistic Dentistry by Robert Chatfield
Monday 4th April – The Power of Positive Thinking by Val Drummond
Wednesday 9th March – BodySPIN by Florence Spencer
Thursday 10th February – Nutrition and healthy cooking – Melanie Simcock
Tuesday 11th January 2011 – Colonic Hydrotherapy by Louise Knecht

Thursday 9th December 2010 – Social lunch
Thursday 11th November: Body Spin by Florence Spencer
Wednesday 20th October: The Cholesterol Myth by Vinciane Ollington
Wednesday 15th September: Hypnotherapy by Tricia Woolfrey
Thursday 12th August: Pub lunch
Monday 5th July: Shape Up for Life by Magalie Paillard and Andrew Bowness
Friday 11th June: How to gain from a “failed” relationship by Elsabe Smit
Thursday 20th May: Wilde-Pedique restorative toenail treatments by Jennifer Clayton
Tuesday 20th April: PSYCH-K by Nikki Whent
Monday 15th March: GWCH marketing plan for 2010
Monday 8th February: Breathwork by Judith Davis
Tuesday 19th January 2010: Holistic Dentistry by Robert Chatfield

Tuesday 15th December 2009: lunch at the Guildford Institute
Wednesday 18th November: Boost your immunity this winter by Melanie Simcock
Tuesday 13th October: Update on Vaccination by Vinciane Ollington
Wednesday 16th September: Trager movements by Julie Kingston and Harry Dalford
Wednesday 12th August: Garden lunch party
Tuesday 7th July: Taster Sessions Swaps evening (Members only)
Friday 12th June: Business Link and how it can help us by Jeannie Satchell
Thursday 23th April: BodyTalk Cortices technique by Gudrun Wiedemann
Tuesday 17th March: Marketing Ideas to win you new business by Sarah Orchard
Monday 9th February: Stress – the Essential Guide by Frances Ive
Monday 12th January 2009: Mindful Based Stress Reduction by Joanna Al-Zuhairi

Tuesday 9th December 2008: Taster Sessions Swaps evening (Members only)
Tuesday 11th November: Cleaning without harmful chemicals by Jane Reed
Tuesday 14th October:The Bowen Technique by Winkie Spiers
Thursday 11th September: Space Clearing by Beverley Wood
Wednesday 6th August: Garden party
Monday 7th July 2008: BodyTalk by Rowena Owen
Thursday 12th June: Herbal medicine by Jenny Boys
Tuesday 13th May: Dance Movement Therapy by Tina Cockett
Wednesday 16th April: Kinesiology by Florence Spencer
Monday 17th March: Shiatsu by Stuart Revell
Friday 8th February: NLP by Kate Towns
Thursday 10th January 2008: Flowers Remedies by Jane Spencer

Tuesday 11th December 2007: lunch at the Guildford Institute
Saturday 24th November: GWCH Open Day at St Nicholas Church Hall in Guildford
Thursday 15th November: Homeopathy by Vinciane Ollington
Wednesday 17th October: GWCH stand at “Woking Means Business” exhibition
Wednesday 12th September: Breathwork Rebirthing by Judith Davis
Wednesday 8th August: Garden party
Monday 9th July: Colonic Hydrotherapy by Louise Knecht
Friday 8th June: Chiropractic by Ian Miller
Tuesday 15th May: The Feldenkrais Method by Tony Martin
Thursday 19th April: Low Cost Marketing Solutions by Karen Skidmore
Thursday 15th March: The Trager Approach by Julie Kingston and Harry Dalford
Tuesday 6th February: Nutritional Therapy by Jane Halliwell
Monday 15th January 2007: Welcome to the network by Vinciane Ollington