Monthly Meetings

  • Thursday 21st July – Angel Therapy by Carol Coggan in Godalming

Do email if you want to join us or present at any of these events. They are taking place in Godalming or West Clandon RBL hall.

Our past meetings were:

Monday 13th June – Skulls and Ley Lines by Gillie Scarrot-Jones
Friday 13th May – Reiki share
Thursday 24th March – Aura Photography by Helen Jones
Friday 11th February – Relaxation session with Jane Spencer
Thursday 20th January 2022 – The Natural Pharmacy by Kevin Leivers

Monday 13th December 2021 -GWCH lunch
Monday 15th November – Forest Bathing by Jo Watkins
Friday 29th October – New health solutions from Surrey Holistic by Lowell Riezouw
Thursday 30th September – Polarity therapy with jo Scrimshaw
Monday 12th July – Nutrition and Mental Health by Mémé Watanabe
Thursday 10th June 2021 – One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis by Frances Ive

Friday 28th February 2020 – Amnanda to release Stress & Trauma by Gudrun Wiedemann
Wednesday 15th January 2020 – Peaceful Communications by Vali Drummond

Tuesday 10th December 2019 – GWCH members lunch in East Horsley
Monday 11th November – Rhythmic Movement Therapy by Gaynor Ralls
Friday 18th October – the 5 skills of emotional accountability by Fiona Stephenson
Thursday 19th September – The Integrity of Love by Carmen O’Connor
Tuesday 9th July – Myofascial Release by Helen Holt
Wednesday 12th June – Traditional Chinese Medicine by Jamie Hamilton
Monday 13th May – Introduction to Muscle Testing by Nadege Lovett
Friday 5th April – Light and Field Therapy by Denise Hadden
Wednesday 6th March – Dance Movement Psychotherapy by Sophie Barthel
Tuesday 12th February – Solution Focused Hypnotherapy by Caroline Evans
Thursday 10th January 2019 – Alchemy, Transformation and the Tarot by Deborah Bacci

Wednesday 12th December 2018 – GWCH members lunch
Monday 12th November – Access Energetic Facelift by Anita Wisdom
Friday 12th Oct – Freeing the spirit with quantum healing by Meike Lawrence
Tuesday 18th Sept – My Story of Healing Cancer Without Drugs by Rhona Byrne
Wednesday 11th Jul – The wonders of CBD oil by Rosie Gardner
Monday 11th Jun – Self Prescribing Homeopathy by Vinciane Ollington
Thursday 17th May – Egyptian Alchemy Healing by Joanna Bristow-Watkins
Friday 20th Apr – Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls by Karen Telfer
Tuesday 20th Mar – EFT for Everyone with Gill Crane
Wednesday 21st Feb- Reflexology Lymph Drainage by Claire Tellegen
Thursday 18th Jan 2018 – Raw Chocolate with Vali Drummond

Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 – GWCH members lunch
Monday 13th Nov – Holistic health and sexuality by Becky Price
Friday 13th Oct – Stress management for practitioners by Andy Spencer
Wednesday 20th Sept – Relationship attachment injury by Catherine Young
Monday 10th Jul – Meet the Horses at the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre
Saturday 17th Jun – Wellness Day, GLive, Guildford
Friday 12th May – Hypnosis: using the power of your unconscious by Tricia Woolfrey
Friday 28th Apr – pre- and perinatal therapy by David Haas
Monday 27th Mar – Reduce Chemical products in your home by Leslie Quinton
Thursday 23rd Feb – Essential Oils For Natural Healthcare by Kim Hale
Friday 13th Jan 2017 – Growing up and Waking Up by Gayle Joubert

Tuesday 13th December 2016 – GWCH members lunch
Thursday 10th November – Growing your Holistic Practice by Stacey McIntyre
Saturday 22nd October – Wellness Day at G Live
Wednesday 21st September – The Healthy Womb by Rachel Eyre
Wednesday 13th July – Functional Reflex Therapy by Claire Tellegen
Monday 20th June – Osteopathy: merging the old and the new by Sally Wade
Friday 20th May – Making your home a healthy place by Beverley Wood
Wednesday 20th April – Smovey Vibrations by Gudrun Wiedeman
Tuesday 22nd March – How I recovered from a stroke by Pennie Pearce
Thursday 25th February – CranioSacral Therapy by Trish Spence
Wednesday 13th January 2016 – Healing power of Horses by Wendy Price

Wednesday 9th December 2015 – GWCH members lunch
Monday 2nd November – Thrive this winter by Liz Goddard
Thursday 8th October – Gene Based Personal Nutrition by Janet Ledsham
Friday 11th September – BodyTalk by Amanda Weller
Monday 13th July – Acupuncture for Therapists by Claire Arthur
Tuesday 16th June – The Magic of Angel Cards by Rhona Byrne
Wednesday 20th May – Yoga and Yoga retreats by Michelle Morrow
Monday 20th April – Soul Verse by Sue Warwick
Tuesday 10th March – The biochemistry of business by Paul Flint
Friday 6th February – TheTruthAboutCancer series, screening of the last episode
Thursday 15th January 2015 – Healthy cooking with Thermomix by Janet Ledsham

Monday 8th December 2014 – GWCH members’ lunch
Friday 14 November – Wellbeing Coaching for Therapists by Elaine Wilkins
Tuesday 14th October – Innate health by Paul Lock
Wednesday 17th September – Tapping by Nadege Lovett
Thursday 10th July – Power of Water by Louise Coe
Monday 16th June – Success with M.E and Fibromyalgia Clients by Elaine Wilkins
Friday 16th May – Guided Meditation and Angels by Jarek Dzwigol (Okidesoul)
Tuesday 29th April – Chakras Association by Lisa Mathis
Monday 17th March – Discover the power of NLP by Alma Griffith
Tuesday 11th February – The healing power of your own voice by Val Drummond
Monday 13th January 2014 – Meditation by Jane and Andy Spencer

Wednesday 11th December 2013 – GWCH members’ lunch
Thursday 14th November – Laughing Yoga by Nadege Lovett
Friday 18th October – “The Healing Power of the Ocean in YOUR hands” – Aromair
Tuesday 17th September – Chinese Facial diagnosis by Elrina Van Zyl
Monday 22nd July – Emotional Freedom Technique by Christy Roxburgh
Tuesday 11th June – Health Assessment System from NES by Paula Ruane
Friday 17th May – Isotonix Supplements by Marilyn Nelson
Monday 22nd April – Astrology and Health by Christine Chalklin
Thursday 21st March – Just Skin Deep by Lucy Beckford
Tuesday 12th February – Mindfulness by Julie Kingston Dalford
Friday 11th January 2013 – The Power of Belief by Gayle Joubert

Thursday 13th December 2012 – GWCH members’ lunch
Monday 12th November – Mixer approach to Chiropractic by Mark Walles
Tuesday 16th October – It’s Love that makes the Difference by Nigel Cutts
Thursday 20th September – Soul Plan Reading by Liz Mills-Boosey
Tuesday 10th July – Wellness Day debriefing
Wednesday 23rd May – Health from a chiropractor’s point of view by Mark Walles
Friday 27th April – Healthy finance records with Reiki by Sue Warwick
Thursday 22nd March – Reiki & Coaching: The Perfect Combination by Rhona Byrne
Tuesday 21st February – Time Line Therapy® by Nigel Horwood
Monday 16th January 2012 – Be Happy and Healthy by Gudrun Wiedemann

Thursday 8th December 2011 – GWCH members’ lunch
Wednesday 16th November – The Scio machine by Susan Brookes
Tuesday 11th October – Numerology by Sonia Shiner
Tuesday 20th September – Manual Lymphatic Drainage by Astrid Lowe
Wednesday 6th July – The Bates Method of Vision by Vinciane Ollington
Friday 10th June – The Alexandre Technique by Gemma Taylor
Thursday 5th May – Holistic Dentistry by Robert Chatfield
Monday 4th April – The Power of Positive Thinking by Val Drummond
Wednesday 9th March – BodySPIN by Florence Spencer
Thursday 10th February – Nutrition and healthy cooking – Melanie Simcock
Tuesday 11th January 2011 – Colonic Hydrotherapy by Louise Knecht

Thursday 9th December 2010 – Social lunch
Thursday 11th November: Body Spin by Florence Spencer
Wednesday 20th October: The Cholesterol Myth by Vinciane Ollington
Wednesday 15th September: Hypnotherapy by Tricia Woolfrey
Thursday 12th August: Pub lunch
Monday 5th July: Shape Up for Life by Magalie Paillard and Andrew Bowness
Friday 11th June: How to gain from a “failed” relationship by Elsabe Smit
Thursday 20th May: Wilde-Pedique restorative toenail treatments by Jennifer Clayton
Tuesday 20th April: PSYCH-K by Nikki Whent
Monday 15th March: GWCH marketing plan for 2010
Monday 8th February: Breathwork by Judith Davis
Tuesday 19th January 2010: Holistic Dentistry by Robert Chatfield

Tuesday 15th December 2009: lunch at the Guildford Institute
Wednesday 18th November: Boost your immunity this winter by Melanie Simcock
Tuesday 13th October: Update on Vaccination by Vinciane Ollington
Wednesday 16th September: Trager movements by Julie Kingston and Harry Dalford
Wednesday 12th August: Garden lunch party
Tuesday 7th July: Taster Sessions Swaps evening (Members only)
Friday 12th June: Business Link and how it can help us by Jeannie Satchell
Thursday 23th April: BodyTalk Cortices technique by Gudrun Wiedemann
Tuesday 17th March: Marketing Ideas to win you new business by Sarah Orchard
Monday 9th February: Stress – the Essential Guide by Frances Ive
Monday 12th January 2009: Mindful Based Stress Reduction by Joanna Al-Zuhairi

Tuesday 9th December 2008: Taster Sessions Swaps evening (Members only)
Tuesday 11th November: Cleaning without harmful chemicals by Jane Reed
Tuesday 14th October:The Bowen Technique by Winkie Spiers
Thursday 11th September: Space Clearing by Beverley Wood
Wednesday 6th August: Garden party
Monday 7th July 2008: BodyTalk by Rowena Owen
Thursday 12th June: Herbal medicine by Jenny Boys
Tuesday 13th May: Dance Movement Therapy by Tina Cockett
Wednesday 16th April: Kinesiology by Florence Spencer
Monday 17th March: Shiatsu by Stuart Revell
Friday 8th February: NLP by Kate Towns
Thursday 10th January 2008: Flowers Remedies by Jane Spencer

Tuesday 11th December 2007: lunch at the Guildford Institute
Saturday 24th November: GWCH Open Day at St Nicholas Church Hall in Guildford
Thursday 15th November: Homeopathy by Vinciane Ollington
Wednesday 17th October: GWCH stand at “Woking Means Business” exhibition
Wednesday 12th September: Breathwork Rebirthing by Judith Davis
Wednesday 8th August: Garden party
Monday 9th July: Colonic Hydrotherapy by Louise Knecht
Friday 8th June: Chiropractic by Ian Miller
Tuesday 15th May: The Feldenkrais Method by Tony Martin
Thursday 19th April: Low Cost Marketing Solutions by Karen Skidmore
Thursday 15th March: The Trager Approach by Julie Kingston and Harry Dalford
Tuesday 6th February: Nutritional Therapy by Jane Halliwell
Monday 15th January 2007: Welcome to the network by Vinciane Ollington