What is Complementary Health

Environmental pollution, nutritional deficiencies, stress and structural imbalances are undoubtedly the cause of many of today’s ailments. If you would like to try a gentler, more natural approach to treating any health problem you may be experiencing, it is likely that Complementary Health would help you.

Complementary therapists look at the person to be taken care of rather than the name of a disease. They treat the patient as a whole, addressing the mental, emotional as well as physical symptoms.

Complementary therapists work in a way that is complementary to your body, so no nasty chemical drugs or their side effects, but a kinder and non-invasive approach to treating any health problem you may be experiencing.

You do not need to choose between one system of medicine and the other because Complementary Health works in conjunction with traditional medicine so if you are already taking medicines, our therapists will try to alleviate the side effects of the medicines you are taking and they will take care of the symptoms that your doctor has been unable to help you with.