The Amnanda process is derived from traditional Ayurvedic therapy and has been adapted by the ayurvedic Doctor Swami Baba Ramdas, so it can be given in the West. It is suitable for adults over the age of 24.

It uses the healing power of safe, nurturing touch, oils infused with ayurvedic herbs (organic) , and mantra. It consists of a series of twelve sessions over a 1 year period. The oils are potent and have shown in laboratory tests to dissolve the crystalline structures on a cellular level in the connective tissue.  These crystalline structures are the accumulated results from stressful or traumatic experiences, which have been stored in the body and affect health and wellbeing. Amnanda rejuvenates the body.
To experience safe, nurturing touch can be a profound experience.
Clients report to have more energy and feel more harmony and joy in their life. The Amnanda process also tends to bring greater clarity about direction in clients life.


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