Egyptian Alchemy Healing

Practised by Joanna Bristow-Watkins, Egyptian Alchemy Healing is an ultra high vibrational Egyptian healing system which harnesses the angelic elemental rays of earth, fire, water, air and spirit with etheric crystalline energies plus sound vibration and sacred breathing. Also called Sekh Em, it can be spelled Seichem, Seichim, SKHM and all manner of alternative ways.  This is because the Egyptian language did not contain any vowels, simply sounds.  The variation of spellings reflects the interpretations of those teaching the skills.

Generally Sekh Em is considered to harness the four elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire and water.

Joanna’s own version of Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian Alchemy Healing also brings in the fifth element (Quintessence, ether or spirit) and utilises colour, sound vibration, crystalline and elemental angelic energies.  She has also developed her own unique initiations for this ultra high vibrational healing system.

Reyad Sekh Em rays of touch healing bring together the elemental energies in a non-intrusive, but powerful combination. Reyad Sekh Em includes Reiki energy, which Joanna considers to be from the Earth and Air elements only, but also the combined elemental healing energies of Water, Fire and Ether (Spirit). Reyad Sekh Em heals more deeply and with greater balance, bringing about true harmony on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  1. Earth energy is grounding and foundational; fundamental to all other healing rays.
  2. Water energy is gentle, persistent and cool, aiding emotional healing.
  3. Fire energy ‘burns’ through blockages, balancing the electro-magnetic field.
  4. Air energy ray aids communication and difficulties with respiration.
  5. Ether (Spirit) facilitates psychic surgery where appropriate.


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