Kim Hale

The Oak Healing Room
01483 426571 / 07900 996883

Kim is a reiki master in the Usui tradition offering energy-based healing in the peace and quiet of the Surrey countryside.

She offers a range of therapies including reiki; Aromatouch (with advice on using essential oils for health); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); (EMO) and Touch For Health (based on kinesiology).

Kim is a Wellness advocate for doTERRA and runs regular classes in Godalming and Farnham

She is a trained primary school teacher with a diploma in Special Educational Needs and has worked with clients between the ages of 1 and 81. She is an animal lover and conservationist with a keen interest in environmental issues.


Therapies Offered

AromaTouch is great for reducing stress, relaxation, improving your immune system and gaining physiological balance. Eight different doTerra essence oils are gently applied to the back and feet.
A system developed through hypnotherapy and acupuncture, to clear emotional issues by tapping specific acupressure points
A safe, non-invasive healing technique involving hands placed on or above the body