Hypnotherapy uses the power of the mind to help heal physical as well as emotional problems. It helps the patient discover the underlying emotional and psychological causes to their ailments. It differs from hypnosis in that there is more interaction between the patient and the therapist in hypnotherapy, allowing the patient to discover more about the emotional background to his or her current problems. Hypnosis is more suggestive than therapeutic.

There is no doubt that our minds and bodies work together, when one is under stress, the other suffers. We have all experienced it – blushing when embarrassed, going pale with shock, having sweaty palms when nervous. These are just small instances of the way in which our minds can affect our bodies. Medical literature is now full of studies confirming that many diseases are psycho-somatic (caused in the mind) or stress-related. Some doctors have estimated that as much as 75% of modern disorders are actually induced through stress. Fortunately, the power of the mind has also been shown to be a primary factor in healing many diseases, even cancer. It is therefore important in any physical or emotional health problem not to overlook hypnotherapy on the road back to health.


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