Meike Lawrence, MBSH, RSHom

07794 200859

In her practice Meike works to improve client’s general health through constitutional homeopathic treatment. She gives practical advice on how to maintain and improve health and well-being. 

She writes articles on holistic and natural solutions to physical and emotional health problems, so that one no longer has to rely on long-term medication or help in order to enjoy good health and vitality.

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Meike has practiced as a classical homeopath and registered member of The Society of Homeopaths since 1992 and has a wide range of experience with clients including pregnancy, children, stress, anxiety, depression, alopecia, skin conditions, digestive disorders, migrains, excema, allergies. 

Meike trained at the The British School of Homeopathy and became a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths (in 1992) and since then has enjoyed a thriving practice for over 20 years. She uses additional tools to facilitate treatments, such as the The Mace Energy Technique. counselling for self-empowerment. 

Therapies Offered

Homeopathy is a natural medicine which enables the body to heal itself
Mace Energy Method Counselling
Mace Energy Method™ is a powerful tool used for emotional healing that is having remarkable effects on peoples lives.