Reconnective Healing

The Reconnective Healing ® spectrum comprises the full healing of energy, light and information. It allows for healings that are not just physical, mental, or emotional but go beyond that to bring you healing that includes the evolution of your very being!

Vastly different than Reiki or any other healing ‘technique’ ever encountered, Reconnective Healing® allows you to transcend any technique and its limitations.

Your interaction with these highly palpable energies is initiated during your session, and they continue to work with you long after you’ve left your Practitioner.

Following your sessions, you will be attuned to a more comprehensive and evolutionary healing frequency than ever before.

  • Connects you to the source of all healing – the Universe.
  • New Information pours in.
  • Enhances and accelerates your healing and evolution.
  • Reactivates dormant strands of DNA = Unlimited Possibilities
  • Heightens your perception, awareness and psychic abilities
  • Allows you to come back into balance
  • Instils confidence, self-worth, self-belief, clarity, focus
  • Removes trauma in a non-traumatic way
  • Removes emotional blocks / interference
  • Makes you better able to deal with stress and conflict situations
  • Enhances mental processes
  • Helps the creative process
  • Assists those in recovery from drug / alcohol afflictions
  • Brings harmony into chaos
  • Gives greater ability to manifest dreams
  • It is a doorway to having The Reconnection ®

This is 1 to 3 sessions and can be by distance.



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