Light Therapy

There are various ways to experience light treatments. Each method is a safe, gentle and non-invasive intervention that has regenerative and rejuvenating effects on all body functions.

A typical light treatment may require 10-20mins a few times a week, of watching different light frequencies in a darkened room. These treatments vary greatly depending on the instrumentation required and health issue to be resolved.

We offer many of the world’s most sophisticated light equipment such as Kirlian Imaging, Photonwave, Colourpuncture, Monocrom Dome and the Spectral Illuminator, which are used as required in therapy sessions. Small portable light units are available for home therapy programs.

  • The GDV, Kirlian Imaging system presents an image of the energetic emissions from your fingertips, revealing the pattern of light absorption in your chakras.
  • The Photonwave is a narrow bandwidth light source with an intensity level that requires only short periods of treatment for maximum effect. It may be used to desensitize allergy sufferers.
  • Colourpuncture is a method of off body subtle light stimulation to rebalance emotionally.
  • Monocrom Dome is a narrow bandwidth multi-radiance rapid re-balancer and tuner of the nervous system.
  • Spectral Illuminator is a wide bandwidth light system developed by Jacob Liberman to unearth energetic blockages.

These unique colour light stimulation treatments are intended to help people rebalance their psychophysical energies and antidote the stressful effects of modern day life. They are effective for all ages – from birth to the close of our lives.


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