Infinity Healing

Infinity healing is a form of healing in which the person says “yes” out loud in order to release healing for themselves. It is a very simple form of healing but also powerful.

The issue with most modalities is that when you go to a healer and you say what you wish to work on your conscious mind is only aware of 5-10% of what is going on. It has no Idea about the 90-95% that is below the surface. So you work on the 5-10% and end up feeling like something is not getting addressed. You try a different healer/modality and end up feeling the same. Then you give up, feeling you have tried everything and conclude that there is no hope for you, no one can help, what’s the point, etc. What Infinity Healing does is to allow your higher self, which knows you better then you know yourself, to decide what to work. You also choose a specific theme for the session.

Who is doing the healing? With Infinity Healing we go straight to the Source to do the healing, this takes out the ego of the practitioner for as much as they may know, there is so much that they, or you, do not know and this then allows the client’s system to heal from their own source of energy. By allowing source to do the healing, then Everything is possible, what can happen will happen. Source is the ultimate healer and connecting directly with your being and working on the areas that are ready to be worked on.



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