Gaynor Ralls

GU21 2PN
07863 223287

I am Gaynor Ralls, an educational therapist, based in Woking. As a qualified teacher, with 20 years teaching experience, I have worked with children from Reception to College Level. (4 yrs -18yrs).

I qualified as a consultant in Rhythmic Movement Training, at the end of 2012, and have been practising and refining my knowledge and skills, ever since. As I have worked with a vast array of needs and conditions,  I am constantly on a journey to learn more.

I have worked with people with: Autism, Aspergers, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Adoption, Depression, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Speech Delays, Global Developmental Delay, T21, Spinal Bifida/Hydrocephalus, generalised learning delays, Specific Learning Difficulties, Sensory Processing Disorders, FAS, Parkinson’s.

If there is a problem, there is a reason. Reflex Integration can be part of the solution.

Reflex Integration, as an intervention, is a simple and effective addition to finding the solution. As a therapy, it has been shown to ensure that remedial interventions are more effective. This is because reflexes are the foundation blocks on which our brains develop and they need to develop properly, in order for the brain to work effortlessly.

I am a member of Rhythmic Movement Training International

Therapies Offered

Quantum Reflex Integration
To re-pattern both primitive and lifelong reflexes for the development of efficient neurological processing.
Rhythmic Movement Training
A ground-breaking educational program that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges for children and adults.