Denise Blackburn

Dorking and Shere
RH4 and GU5
01306 500165

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your joyful self?

Is there a creative person in you trying to get out?   Would you like to be a more authentic and unique TRUE YOU?


If you are looking for:

– A new venture or career
– Inspiration for a new project
– A lift to your spirits

Then this could be for you!

We live in a world that has conditioned us to disconnect from our authentic creative selves. This creativity however is the source of our personal well-being and abundance.

I am able to reconnect you to the most precious part of your being that enables you to create the very best. Book a transformative art session with me and see yourself blossom!

I have a lot of experience working with people in many different ways and have also worked with some amazing teachers, e.g.: Mary Masselos (transforming the Shadow therapy using musical tones), Bashi Luxton (clairsentience), Rose Rosetree (empathy), David Cousins the Cosmic Elf (energy therapy and healing).

I also have a Fine Art degree, where I spent four years at college.

Therapies Offered

A system developed through hypnotherapy and acupuncture, to clear emotional issues by tapping specific acupressure points
Infinity Healing
Infinity healing works on all space time and dimensions: It doesn’t matter if the challenge stemmed from ancestors, is a collective consciousness thing, source will work on it in all space time and dimensions and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors and family.
Polarity Therapy
Polarity therapy is a comprehensive collection of bodywork techniques tailored to each client’s needs.