Prenatal & Birth Therapy

The perception that there could be early life trauma was perhaps first brought to light by psychologist Otto Rank in 1924. Over the years that followed there has been a growth in how trauma – an event that we cannot integrate within ourselves – is held within our bodies and how it can even have an effect on our genes.

It is not the event that causes the trauma, rather that our body, psyche. and nervous system cannot fully process the event. It is this inability to process and integrate the event that leaves an imprint – a trauma imprint in our body system.
The way the brain processes and stores these traumas in our memory, means we are left with feelings and sensations from that time but without the ability to differentiate them from what is happening today. How we see this affect us in our lives is that we tend to react in a way that seems out of context with what is actually happening today. For example, we might have the urge to run out of the room when just talking to a friend or get angry over something very minor. For babies it can result in difficulty to feed, to sleep, or maybe inconsolable crying. We move out of being in a responsive relationship into one that is more reactive, more stressful. It can arise in any of our relationships: Intimate, romantic, social and work.
While traumas can occur at any time in our lives, the earlier the imprints are created the more it can affect our whole lives. Recent research is showing that the effects of trauma can be passed on generationally.
This therapy gently supports us to differentiate these historical events from the reality of today and to integrate the past traumas in a way that supports healing and relationship.
Therapy is offered for all stages of life including challenges to conceive, pregnancy, birth through to early life, childhood and into adulthood.
For mothers-to-be, the challenges that happened in their own births can affect the birth journey of their own children. Independent midwife, Mary Jackson, monitored outcomes in her practice in the US while using prenatal & birth therapy to support pregnant mums and their partners. Amongst other benefits, she noted a marked reduction in the transfer to hospital rate, as well as an increase in mothers breast-feeding following birth.


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