Colonic hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a warm internal bath, which cleanses the colon of accumulated toxic waste matter providing many detoxifying health benefits.

The colon is responsible for eliminating food and other body wastes, and protects us from infection and disease. In a ‘normal’ colon, all this is achieved with the help of billions of friendly bacteria which inhabit the colon. However, the delicate balance of this internal ecosystem can very easily be disturbed by a number of factors including stress, pollution, poor food and drink choices, certain drugs, smoking and exposure to toxic substances.

If your body gets overloaded with toxins you can become prone to ill health. Having a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment helps your body to remove these toxins which may assist and/or benefit many primary and secondary conditions including –

Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Tiredness, Lack of Energy, Circulatory and Immune systems problems, Skin problems, Headaches, Mental confusion, Metabolism and weight problems.


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