Anita Wisdom

Reigate, Lower Kingswood, Guildford
07952 708173

I have been on the healing path for over 20 years now… My healing journey began whilst I was living in Australia living in my idea of Paradise– and yet, on the inside I didn’t feel truly happy, it felt as though something was missing… so I went on a life-changing 10-year journey of SELF-discovery.

I returned to England and began my ‘inner journey’ to happiness.

I became qualified in the Metamorphic Technique, Reiki levels 1,2 and 3 and after a time went on to study Seichem Healing.

I became a certified practitioner of Polarity Therapy, and began to feel happier than I had done in years.

I went on to become qualified in Advanced EFT but after a time I began to wonder if there was a faster, less traumatic way of releasing past traumas held in the energy system so I attended Karl Dawson’s Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner Course.

I seem to be able to intuitively detect what memory or event was the cause of my client’s traumas and where the blocked energy was in the body, which made for very speedy release and healing to take place.

I also became qualified in Colour Mirrors Healing and Sylvia Hartman’s EmoTrance, which lead me to become a member of the GoE (Guild of Energists).

A couple of years ago I stumbled across Access Consciousness which truly has tools for change in a way that is simple, effective and fun. I became qualified in teaching Access Consciousness The Bars and also as a Access Facelift Practitioner.

Always hungry for the latest energy healing techniques, last year I became introduced to The Emotion Code, and using this I have seen amazing transformations in my clients in a very short space of time.

My work is about assisting you in creating complete freedom in all areas your life where you feel truly alive, inspired and are truly living your purpose.

The kind of freedom I’m talking about isn’t a temporary high from a nice massage or spiritual epiphany, it’s a deep liberation and remembrance of who you really are at the core allowing you to shed all fear, limitation and worry and live in a constant state of flow, knowing the universe has always got your back.

So if right now you’re feeling blocked, uninspired or like your mind is like a washing machine on a spin cycle, or are experiencing niggling pains, illness and symptoms in the body that you can’t seem to shift no matter what you try…

For me, my work is my Joy. The gratitude and happiness I feel when I am able to help someone feel better is truly fulfilling and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.


Therapies Offered

A system developed through hypnotherapy and acupuncture, to clear emotional issues by tapping specific acupressure points
Emo Trance
Emo Trance is a way of manoeuvring energy that‘s stuck . Also to alleviate pain, on a mental, physical or an emotional level.
Matrix Reimprinting
Matrix Reimprinting is a brand new Meridian Tapping Therapy which dramatically improves health and wellbeing.
Polarity Therapy
Polarity therapy is a comprehensive collection of bodywork techniques tailored to each client’s needs.
A safe, non-invasive healing technique involving hands placed on or above the body